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Looking for the right defense lawyers can be a tough thing to do, especially if it’s your first time. Here at Hunnicut & Curtis, you can rest assured that you will receive the best defense for your case. Our expertise and experience in the field will make sure that you have the best chances at winning in court.

Personal Injury Lawyers

More often than not, paperwork coming from police officers, doctors, and insurance companies will start coming in faster than your wounds can heal. It is common for confusion and a sense of being overwhelmed to set in around this time. This should not be the case. You should be afforded all the time in the world to recuperate properly from your accident. No one else but a personal injury lawyer would be able to provide you with the right information on what to do next.

Personal injury lawyers have had years of experience with cases just like yours. They can let you know right off the bat if pursuing legal action is worth it or not. If they assessed that it is unlikely that you will win, they will advise you not to pursue the case and save money and time.

They are also well-versed with medical jargon, confusing legal terms and proceedings, and even more paperwork that are common with personal injury cases. These lawyers can help you resolve your claim, helping you move on quickly with your life.

The Court Room

Criminal Attorneys

It can be overwhelming to face criminal charges, even more so if you are facing a hefty stay in prison. This, among many reasons, is why you should get legal assistance as soon as you can once you’re involved in such cases.

Each case of criminal defense is unique and relies solely on the details, as well as on the abilities of the lawyer to present a solid defense. Criminal defense cases will typically fall into one of the three classifications: denial, admission, or confession. It is best to keep in mind that honesty with your lawyer should be a priority at all times.

Criminal Lawyers That Can Help You

Should your case present denial, you will claim complete innocence. This type of defense will use alibis, as well as the fact that the jury should be beyond any reasonable doubt before a conviction can be made. The defendant can choose to admit that part of the prosecutor’s stated facts are true, but that the ultimate outcome is not the truth as what the prosecutor believes.

Either way, it is up to your criminal defense attorney to determine what the best way to go is. By carefully studying the details of the incident with you, he should be able to come up with a good defense for you, in order to render you innocent and free of charges or come up with a reasonable settlement for you and the prosecutors.

DUI Lawyer

Hiring a DUI lawyer to represent you in court carries multiple benefits, since he is familiar and experienced with the court system. DUI lawyers know the details of plea bargains and are capable of navigating complicated procedures that would otherwise be confusing and stressful for you.

For repeat offenders, the need to have legal assistance is even more necessary. If it is your first time, however, and if there hasn’t been a report of reckless driving, testing with a high blood alcohol content (over .12), driving under the influence with a minor inside your vehicle, or any other aggravating circumstances, then it is possible to go on with your case without lawyer assistance.

Police Officers On The Call For DUI Drivers

It is important to choose lawyers who are knowledgeable with the specific laws in your state. Look for attorneys who specialize in DUI cases. Don’t be shy to ask around and compare lawyers to find the best fit for your case. Once you found your lawyer, you can have an initial consultation before finalizing representation.

Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence has serious ramifications, both legally and morally. The emotional aspects often outweigh the physicality of the abuse. Society looks down upon domestic abusers, making defense challenging even for the most experienced lawyers. Even with reconciliation between the couple involved in the case, the prosecution can keep on pursuing criminal charges against you. Accusations of stalking, domestic battery, harassment, or other means of domestic violence will be best handled with the assistance of a criminal defense attorney specializing in such cases.

A domestic violence lawyer or his firm can represent you if you need to file an order of protection or a restraining order, or if a restraining order has been issued against you.

Criminal defense can be tricky and stressful for most people. Finding the right defendants can help you find justice with fewer ramifications. Getting legal counsel from experts who already know how the system works and how to formulate winning strategies against prosecutors can significantly improve your chances at winning your case in court.

Find the right lawyers for your legal needs here at Hunnicut & Curtis Law Offices.

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